London to Brighton

The annual London to Brighton Mini Run is organised by the London & Surrey Mini Owners Club. It is one of the biggest events along Madeira Drive with parked minis stretching all the way from the Sealife Centre to Blackrock. In 2006 to mark the 21st birthday of the run 2,121 official places were issued. In 2014 the event is again sold out - but at the grand total of 2,500. In 2015 the number has settled again at 2,100 and the tickets were sold out by January - or earlier.

An official entrant on the event is able to park along Madeira Drive and gets the 'I was there' badge, and the tee shirt, but anyone can, of course, drive down to Brighton and park in one of the city's car parks (if you're lucky!), then join the fun since Madeira Drive is always open to pedestrians.

The Mini Run is open to all and every conceivable type of mini, and it is one of the attractions of the day to see just how many variants and customised minis there are. There is a Show and Shine competition, which has 8 different classes, differentiated by criteria such as age of vehicle and and degree of modification.